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Effic Business Services Private Limited is a service provider, specialized in offering high quality Account Receivables Management Solutions and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for various industry verticals which include banking, telecom, utility, health care, automotive, commercial and government, both domestically and internationally.

Our core business is providing end-to-end Account receivables management solutions following industry's best practices. We offer you total solutions right from early stage collections to legal services covering every stage of the recovery cycle.

Effic also offer contact center services, such as inbound and outbound call center services; and other BPO services, including Data Entry, SMS/EMAIL campaign, and web chat. We provide Internet based customer care, front and back-office processing, and technical support services. In addition, we provide human resource outsourcing services, including strategic, payroll and administration, recruitment process outsourcing, as well as talent assessment, employee relations, and administration.

We endeavor to be a trusted business partner and not just an outsourcing company. We focus on improving customer experience, streamlining business processes, increasing productivity and creating a positive revenue impact for clients we partner with.

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To become the most reliable and trusted Account Receivables Management and BPO service provider to our clients and meet their requirements to their utmost satisfaction.

Contribute towards bringing a positive change in the landscape of Indian debt collection practices upholding both creditor and debtor protection.


To partner with our clients and provide continuously improved account receivables management solutions and BPO services driven by compliance, technology and innovation, maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards. We intend to achieve this through satisfied customers, motivated employees and cost effective services.


  • Integrity, honesty and ethics in everything we do
  • Treat clients, customers and colleagues fairly and with dignity and respect
  • Support employee excellence and growth
  • Quality and Compliance focused thoughts and actions
  • Innovation using emerging technology and diverse ideas
  • Provide cost effective services
  • Success through motivated employees and satisfied customers


We understand the client needs, set clear targets and measure our achievement against these expectations. We regularly take client feedback and act upon it to ensure client satisfaction.

Our Clients will benefit from a dedicated, highly experienced and multi skilled team that will deliver a first class customer service experience and be fully committed to exceeding the SLA requirements. Partnering with us means you enjoy consistently improved results, quality, compliance, reporting and analytics whilst benefiting from a lower cost base.


There is no denying the fact that the prime reason that businesses choose to offshore is, cost. Yes, outsourcing definitely aids you in running a cost effective business as well as give you the opportunity to focus on core activities. Clients are also increasingly conscious about the Quality and Compliance aspect of the service. At Effic, we realize the importance of this and endeavor to provide services that meet or exceed the quality and compliance requirements, using educated, experienced and dedicated employees and that too at a very lower cost base.

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